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We have a couple of curated giftboxes for you to choose from. But before you decide, let's talk about choosing the right gift & what to consider in the progress of deciding.

We all remember that one gift that you throw away in the bin or was donated to another. We all received a free pencil or a pen or maybe an umbrella with the companies branding on.  These are gifts that are practical 'in a way'. We actually need a pen or pencil and we need an umbrella when it rains. But is this the right gift to give to show your appreciation towards your employees?


When you think about the right gift what would you like to receive?

A gift that embodies the true values of the company you work for..

but also takes into considerations the needs you have as an person?

What kind of gift would you remember for years?

Right down what comes to mind.

What about what we stand for?

Our two keyvalues are KIND & SUSTAINABLE.

We would never send out a cheap, low quality, non-ethical produced product.

Not in a million years!

In the process of selecting our partners, we are mindful that all our sustainable values are taken into account. In that way, there is no doubt that your gift is vegan, ethically produced, crueltyfree, natural and as much plasticfree as possible.

Our gifts are kind because our edibe products are locally & ethically sourced.

But they are also organic, vegan, natural & very low in sugar.

There are kind in many ways.

Supporting local businesses is good for the local economy & working with local partners automatically leads to lower carbon emissions in the air.

Better for you & for our planet!

How we pack & deliver

TOP BOX (19 x 25 cm) (2333 x 2905 px) (2905 x 2333 px) (2).png

delivery & prices*

Free delivery to one adress for all orders above €500.


Delivery to muliple locations is possible.

Free card with personal message or QR code with link to a digital message (minimum order of 20 boxes)

For custum boxes: minimum price starts at €20/box & minimum order of 20 boxes.


* Prices are noted in euros and inclusive of VAT & extra costs.

Packaging & donations

100% recycled boxes, paper sleeves printed with plantbased ink & cardboard filling.

Reuse of supplier packaging materials.

Card with personal message printed on recycled paper.

With every giftbox sold, we donate €0.5 to the River cleanup foundation.  Every €0.5 represents 0.5 kilo of plastics removed from our rivers. Please feel free to donate an extra amount to River Cleanup.

can't wait to order?


Why not mix 100% sustainable goodies with some yummy Belgian food & drinks?

Fill in our order form & select Mix.

We mix & match depending on your budget & your taste.


Fill in the form below & we send you an offer

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Delivery options

If you have questions or special inquiries, you're welcome to contact me or fill out this form

We will get back to you within

2 days.

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Our sustainable standards

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