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    Excluding Sales Tax |

    A beautiful mix of sustainable prodcuts for your day - to - day lifestyle and locally produced Belgian food and beverages.

    Each box has been carefully currated to provide 

    a unique gifting experience that is both thoughtful and kind.


    A couple of boxes and product combinations are immediately available for delivery. Product mix mentioned in the product description section.


    Orders above 20 boxes need to be pré-ordered and have a waiting time of 2-3 weeks depending on the ordered volume. Mention your desired flavors in the provided text section when checking out or inform us by separate mail.



    A donation of €0.5 for every sold giftbox will be granted to RiverCleanup VZW at the end of the year.


    Prices are exclusive VAT.






      Ferm Kombucha 250ml - Available in Ginger/Lemongrass - Other flavors (Blueberry Cassis/Mandarin Star Annis) available on demand.

      Coup De Chocolat, vegan fairtraded chocolate bar

      I Just Love Breakfast, Handmade Organic Slowroasted Crunchy Granola 250gr - Available in Almond/Pecan - Other flavors on demand (Chocolate/Rose Berry/Cashew Banana)

      Luffah dishwashing sponge, No Waste &
      Natural Shampoobar, Natural, Waste Free & Clean for the planet: Capucine scent (verzorgend) - different aroma's on demand.

      Redo Papers Bullet Book, made from 100% waste paper

      Brauzz, Plasticfree washing with easy to use Wasstrips 32 pcs


      Free shipping for orders above €500 ex. VAT.

      Shipping rate will be calculated at the end of the payment process.

       Giftboxes can be delivered to home adresses at €7.50 a box. Send your order by mail for an exact calculation and offer.

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