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The nutty farmer

The Nutty Farmer is nuts about all the good things nature has to offer. The surprising range of seasoned cashew nuts invites your taste buds on a trip around the world.

The 100% fair trade nuts are carefully cultivated by local farmers in Bobo-Dioulasso, a special place in Burkina Faso where the best cashew nuts can be found. Then they are seasoned with love and dry roasted in the oven in our own production facility. This enables us to shorten the chain and create a sustainable ‘Farmer to Market’ story. To us, fair trade is self-evident, but it is by no means a global reality. We work directly with small-scale family farmers with the goal of offering them a better future. By doing so, we try to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place for both people and planet.

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price: €4.50 a pack, 4 different flavors

Belgian made in Sint-Denijs.

Sips of grace

Grace knows perfectly what she wants.

Everyone goes right? Then she goes to the left. She relies on her strengths and talents. Nothing or no one will stop her. Grace is aware of her femininity. And attaches great importance to a healthy lifestyle. Soda or alcohol? Grace only does that from time to time. Because she resolutely opts for fit and cheerful. To give the best of themselves. Always. And to be the lady she wants to be. This is how "Sips of Grace" is born.

Do you want to sparkle with energy like Grace? Then you make no compromises. And only settle for the highest attainable. With "Sips of Grace" you choose tasty and healthy water. Wherever you go, you can easily take your Sips with you. Vary during the day with the numerous flavors. This way you fully enjoy all the healing powers.

Available in packs of 10

Mix & match price: €9.50 pack of 10 sips, 6 different flavors

Belgian made in Mechelen.

sipsofgrace 2.jpg

Kiss my drinks

Some years ago grandsons Niels & Wouter decided to go and forage in the family garden to reproduce the handwritten recipes of their grandparents and tweak them into a series of modern aperitifs. This using the same rebellious ways as their grandparents did before them. Some sceptics couldn’t hold them back to go against the stream. Soon after, the name Kiss My… popped up.

Proud on the results they shared their work and in no time it got picked up by high-end cocktailbars and Michelin starred restaurants. From that moment on it was going strong for the brothers and it hasn’t stopped ever since.

With backgrounds in the culinary world and interior design Niels and Wouter had the perfect base to make Kiss My a succes in flavor and appearance.

As demand grew also did their ambitions. Sharing their grandparents recipes with the world is the quest they accepted.

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price: €2.99 a can, Flavour: Rose lemonade

Belgian made in Izegem.

Holy Cow

From the farmers who harvest the cocoa fruits, to the fermentation and drying of the cocoa beans, over quality control, packaging, storage and shipping: "we know our beans". The cocoa is grown in the Idukki hills in Kerala and receives the "Fine Flavour" award, a special category with special taste characteristics, but also with good traceability, good genetics, unique origin, good harvesting and post-harvesting practices, higher quality and certification.

After more than 5 years of working and living in Kerala, a state in the south of India, we launched HOLY COW. Our goal? Offering more value and stability to the cocoa farmers themselves. By sharing our unique cocoa story and our know-how about the post-harvest process, we want to amaze you with honest and fine, seasonal "flavours" that will tickle your taste buds.

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price: €6 a chocolate bar or chocolate spread

Belgian made in Ghent.


Arthur & Sisters

Hoe het allemaal begon...


Charlotte was reeds enkele jaren actief in de voedingssector met haar bedrijf He-Be Belgium.

Josephine had net haar eigen Marketingzaak geopend toen het noodlot toesloeg.

Hun 22 jarige broer, Arthur, overleed in 2015.

De naam “Arthur” was voor de familie in het begin heel moeilijk om aan te horen, laat staan uitspreken. Als een soort verwerkingsproces begonnen de zussen de gezonde ontbijtjes die Arthur zo graag at terug klaar te maken. Uiteindelijk besloten ze om een submerk te lanceren die volledig in het teken van Arthur stond. Hij is niet alleen de rode draad voor de productontwikkeling maar ook doorheen de bedrijfsfilosofie, zo is het logo geïnspireerd op zijn handschrift.

Blijkbaar was Arthur niet de enige die verzot was op de gezonde ontbijt- en snackproducten…

Wat begon als een verwerkingsproces groeide als snel uit tot een familiebedrijfje met veel potentieel.


Onze missie is om de kracht van jouw ochtendroutine te laten ontdekken. Om jouw dag met de juiste energie te starten.

Dit doen we door voedzame, energierijke ontbijt- en snackproducten te maken die klaar zijn in een mum van tijd.

Daarnaast willen we inspireren en de juiste tools aanreiken om naast voeding, ook beweging, slaap en stress aan te pakken. Volgens ons vormen dit de 4 bouwstenen voor een krachtige dag.

Onze visie is om de kwaliteit van jouw dag te verbeteren. Om jongeren zoals Arthur de kracht te geven om het beste uit hun dag te halen.

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price: €4.50 chocolate granola, €4 oatmeal 3 flavours

Belgian made in Lokeren.

Ghost in a bottle

Story of Ludwig (creator of No ghost in a bottle) .

It all began when my grandmother invited me to take a sip of wine. She told me that I should hold the wine in my mouth for 10 seconds before swallowing. So I tasted it. It was a good vintage wine. My grandmother imported bottled wine and sherry. I will never forget the flavours of that period.

When I was 18, I started to pick berries with my neighbour in order to make wine. At the time, we weren’t very successful, but these trials gave me ideas for the future.

Later, at the age of 27, I bought a farm and planted 300 vines. This small vineyard quickly grew to cover 1 hectare. I also had a snail farm. They were renowned and could even be found on the menu of two-starred restaurants.

Next, I invested in the wine sector for several years as well as in others such as sleeping comfort, safety equipment, shoes, etc., although I was always a salesperson.

In 2015, I took the decision to change my career completely and launched my own business, Ghost in a Bottle. With this company, I create alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I enjoy testing new flavours, to create new beverages or to enhance dishes.

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price:
€9 no ghost in a botte (10cl) , 3 different flavors
€10 Ambr, kurkuma-ginger drink (10cl)
€11.90 ghost in a bottle (alcoholic, gin) (10c)

Belgian made in Hoeilaart.


The French Kiss club

kiss me wine you can

we offer delicious wine in a can sourced from premium French grapes.

our fruity white wine, rosé wine, bubbly white and bubbly rosé are perfectly balanced to embrace your tongue and refresh your mind.

we're here for the dreamers, fun seekers, the ones who live in the moment & those who want to create memories to cherish.

it is our mission to provide you with great products that make you stand out.

The 250ml cans are small enough to keep your wine chilled & large enough to hide two glasses.

we all need to take care of our planet, our cans are made out of recyclable aluminium and should be sorted as such. 

no need to pack a bottle opener & no risk of shattered glass. on-the-go, just like you

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price: €3.5 a can, 4 different flavors

Belgian made in Ghent.


Some people think Céline Citron never smiles.

Well, let’s just say that she’s not easily satisfied. As long as things aren’t quite perfect, and as long as her cookies don’t have exactly the taste she wants them to have, she is way too concentrated to smile.

But late at night, when everyone’s fast asleep, and she’s still adding the finishing touches to her cookies, she takes a little bite. And then her eyes begin to twinkle, and the entire room lights up with the most beautiful of smiles. 

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price: €9.99 tinnen box Céline Citron
Chocolate oat cookie & Raison cookie: €2

Belgian made in Tubize.



The Verbeeck - Back brewery has been around since the end of the 19th century, when it became one of the most beloved independent breweries in the northern region of Belgium.The brewery was, is and remains a family affair: no monks or big corporations in sight. The secrets of its successes were passed on from father to son until they became fathers themselves... and so on. However, the sons of the sixties-generation had other plans. In 1966, the brewery dozed off for a short nap.

When the original family brewery closed down in 1966, all of the original beers were lost. None of it was saved.
Or so people thought. 

Deep down in one of the basements, covered by a pile of rubble, a single bottle of the original KEREL beer had been preserved. The glass was unbroken. The bottle cap was firmly in place. Luck? Destiny? No one wasted time on these philosophical questions. What they needed now, was the miracle of science. With the greatest of care, the bottle was whisked off and offered to a team of Belgian experts and university scholars to analyze and extract the original KEREL yeast DNA.

Think about how special that is.

Not only is every bottle of KEREL you’re holding today rooted in a tradition that goes back several centuries. This is a beer that has survived against all odds. It was left behind, abandoned to become part of the past. It was never meant to survive. But it did. Somehow, it came back stronger than ever, bringing its full flavours and strengths into a new age. 

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price: €2.20 a bottle, 8 different flavors

Belgian made in Tielrode.

Ferm kombucha

Ferm is a premium fermented kombucha tea.
Brewed with natural and organic ingredients. Low in sugar, alcohol-free.

FERM stands for different things. It comes from “Fermentation” but also has a Dutch link meaning ‘good’ and ‘strong’. The company was founded by Wouter who had long been a restaurant manager and chef. Since the early teens, customers were increasingly asking for low sugar alternatives and alcohol free options.  

Fermentation became a fad a decade ago. Sauerkraut, which has a thousand year history in the Northern hemisphere, was revived. Kimchi, the Korean fermented cabbage, ginger beers and water kefirs, they all resurfaced. Merits go to a very large part to American fermentation enthousiast Sandor Katz. His “The Art of Fermentation” is already a classic in culinary circles. 


Wouter took a deep dive in the world of fermentation. A few years later he resurfaced. With a lightly effervescent and mildly sour bottle. It smelled like lambic beer, though tasted like nothing other. Kombucha wasn’t invented in the West. It probably originated thousands of years ago in a forgotten jar of sweet tea. Airborne yeasts and bacteria colonised the batch and transformed it into something completely different, sour, vinegary. 

For the longest time that’s also what kombucha was, vinegar’s smelly cousin. Until a young man called GT Dave from Bel Air decided to start some experiments in the late 90’s. 

We can’t know for sure of course. But it’s definitely possible that we wouldn’t have the current billion dollar kombucha industry without GT Dave. He took the ancient drink and transformed it the delicious drink you now find in many restaurants and shops around the world. 

It took a while for popular kombucha flavours to cross the Atlantic. In 2016 we finally launched our first drinks in the Belgian market. Wouter, armed with a flavour development background took the brewing activities out of his home kitchen to a full scale brewery. Pascal, joined the team and went from restaurant to bars and anyone brave enough to try this new old thing out. And Kester, he made sure they didn’t go bankrupt! 

At the time of writing, FERM Kombucha is one of the fastest growing kombucha businesses in Europe and there’s no end in sight! 

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price: €2.2a can, 4 different flavors

Belgian made in Bruges.


Karma Karma

I worked twelve years in a corporate company in product development and later also in sales. Long working hours and I ate a lot on the go. I love food and I have a passion for healthy cooking but I also enjoyed a lot of sandwiches, croissants and less healthy snacks.

A routine health check indicated that I had high blood pressure. This became my wake-up call: all those unhealthy snacks where damaging my health.


I started to read many books on the influence of nutrition on health. Books like the DASH-diet, the books of doctor Kris Verburg, Pascale Naessens and Julie Van den Kerchove inspired me to eat differently. 

It is scientifically proven that refined sugars, like those in white bread, lead to higher blood pressure. If you want to improve your blood pressure, you must eat a lot fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grain fibres. 

Oats are excellent substitute for bread, because they consist of 100% whole grain fibres that kill hunger for hours. Therefore, I occasionally brought a Tupperware with cooked oats to work. Pretty tasty, but it is a hassle to carry a Tupperware box around. 

Someday I was again looking for something healthy to eat, but I could not find anything. Then all of a sudden, I had an idea: an individual portion of oats that I could easily prepare with hot water. It satiates hunger, it is healthy and guiltfree. 

The idea of a healthy oat-based meal, kept me busy. I always dreamt of starting my own business and now I had a plan. I tested several recipes with friends. 

By the end of 2015 I ran a first test with 500 self-made cups in a pop-up, where I also handed out samples. In one week I sold 500 cups. This initial success encouraged me to start a webshop. Different coffee bars and trendy food stores picked up KarmaKarma soon after. 

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price: €6.7 a cup, 4 different flavors

Belgian made in Opwijk.


Here at Barú we love to dream up dazzling creations. Made for people with curious minds like ours, we call them chocolates with extra.


As kids Gunther and Maarten used to love munching on marshmallows. They would go through a bag or 10 a day, more on their birthdays. But when they tried them again as adult kids they couldn't believe these used to be their favourite treats. "ghastly" said one, "absolutely delightful" said the other, by which he meant "quite horrible".

Gunther and Maarten would create many more choccy products. They invented the smallest chocolate bar in the world. So small in fact nobody was able to spot it on the shelf, let alone buy one. Left with heaps of these bars they started adding them to their hot chocolates. Now people did notice them floating around in their cups and before long they couldn't imagine their hot chocolates without them.

A trip to the Antwerp zoo inspired them to make full sized chocolate hippos, filled with salted caramel. They imagined every chocolate shop in the world would want at least two. At that point Imke and Evelien had to step in of course. "One hippo per store is surely enough" they said. 

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price: €7.15 chocolate powder, 3 different flavors

Belgian made in Diepenbeek.


Chalo is a Belgian, LOVE-brand that markets all-natural, fair & sustainable products. We want to honour the traditional Indian Chai legacy by offering the world, the authentic recipe in a convenient, consistent and affordable solutionrespecting the story of its creators.

Chalo brings you a variety of hug in a mug chai and funky feel good food-products. We want to honour the traditional indian chai legacy by offering the world, the authentic chai recipe in a convenient, consistent and affordable solution respecting the story of its creators. A little badass is what chalo's guilty & proud line is all about!

Available in our 100% Belgian giftbox en mix boxes.

Mix & match price:
Discovery chai box: €6.95
€11.95 a pack Chai, 6 different flavors
Funky chunks bars 32gr: €2.10 a bar
Salty peas 40gr: €1.75 a bag

Belgian made in Zwijndrecht.


be aardig geschenkdoos verkocht


1 kilo plastic teruggewonnen door rivercleanup



Rivier opruimenheeft een mooie missie&we zijn trots om ons partnerschap voor te stellen.

Met elkeWEES VRIENDELIJK GESCHENKDOOSverkocht, wij doneren€1. Deze donatie  draagt bij aan de brede opzet die ze over de hele wereld hebben& helpt hen afval uit onze rivieren op te ruimen&rivieroevers.

Hun missie is om plastic te stoppen voordat het onze oceanen kan bereiken. Samen willen ze verzamelen100 000 000kg rivierplastic door2025en activeer mensen in de strijd tegen plasticvervuiling!

Kies je dus voor een Be Kind giftbox, dan draag je automatisch ook bij aan een hoger doel. Check hieronder:& kijk eens wat deze grote Belgische vzw in petto heeft.


Waarom niet mixen?100%duurzaam lekkers met lekker Belgisch eten&drankjes?

Vul ons bestelformulier in&selecteer Mengen.

wij mixen&match afhankelijk van uw budget& jouw smaak.

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