only a couple of weeks till christmas!

Is sustainability one of the core values of your company?

Then we have the perfect giftbox for you!

Market research has revealed that employees don't necessarily want to receive a gift for their birthday or chocolate treats for Sinterklaas or Easter.


Do you know what they really desire instead?

A Christmas gift or End-of-the year giftbox is the number 1 on their list!

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100% sustainable

be kind giftboxes

A box full of sustainable goodies.

Cruelty-free, plasticfree & produced within the EU-borders.

Our partners are 100% selected by their sustainable standards.

Vegan, microplastics free, plasticfree packaging, cruelty free & all natural ingredients.


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100% belgian


be kind giftboxes

A box filled with the trendiest Belgian vegan food & drinks.


Products that not only are produced in Belgium, but also meet our sustainable standards.

Vegan, cruelty free, natural ingredients & plasticfree objective in mind.


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100% sustainable gifts


We clean our teeth with plastic toothbrushes, and we are unaware there is microplastics in our toothpaste. We sleep on plastic filled pillows, we eat & drink from plastic bottles & straws. There is plastic in our selfcare products. Plastics in the clothes we wear. Every day we use plastics of some kind.

According to the circularity gap report, only 8.6% of all waste world wide is being recycled. So a majority of all the plastic waste ends up in our rivers, oceans, wildlife & eventually even back into our bodies.


Our widespread adoption of plastics has not been without consequences to our health & environment. Plastics pollutes our lands, our oceans, air & our bodies.

When did plastics become such an necessary material in our lives & economy?

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belgian made gifts


Belgium  is not only the land of waffles, beer, chocolate & some of the best music festivals in the world but also of diamonds & surreal music festivals. Something to be proud of.

We Belgians know how to create & we are good at it!

Our Belgian made giftboxes are filled with the trendiest new vegan foods & drinks. By selecting only  locally produced products, less transport is required which leads to lower CO2 emissions. Moreover by doing so, we support our local economy.

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Ready to make an impact?



be kind giftbox sold


1 kilo plastic recoverd by rivercleanup



River Cleanup has a beautiful mission & we are proud to introduce our partnership .

With every BE KIND GIFTBOX sold, we donate €1. This donation  contributes to the wide setup they have around the world & helps them cleaning up waste out of our rivers & riverbanks.

Their mission is to stop plastic before it can reach our oceans. Together, they aim to collect 100 000 000 kg of river plastics by 2025 and activate people in the fight against plastic pollution!

So if you choose a Be Kind giftbox, you automatically contribute to a higher purpose as well. Check below & have a look at what this great Belgian non-profit organisation has up his sleeves.


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 gifts with an impact


locally made
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